Experience 171 – Jeff Bodart, Psychic Lottery & Getting In Touch With Guides

<![CDATA[Jeff Bodart, stand up comedian and friend of mine, stops by the hotel for a late night chat about his psychic friend gave him a tip to help him win the lottery. It is a great story and amazing tip that I may start using myself if I can ever get into better touch with my own psychic ability. We then veer into a discussion about how Jeff has gotten into touch with psychic ability and what that means to him and how he interacts with other people when he is receiving information. A great, fun chat with a funny comedian and one of the greatest guys.

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One Reply to “Experience 171 – Jeff Bodart, Psychic Lottery & Getting In Touch With Guides”

  1. Interesting story about the green lottery ticket which reminds me of a sync-head friend of mine named Alan Green who had a similar win where he picked a four numbered lotto game and won after a premonition to play those four digits.
    He is the editor of ‘The Sync Book’s and you can here Alan talk about that lotto win in an audio interview at this link, if you are interested –
    He talks about buying the lottery ticket on St.Patrick’s Day (green?) at about the 57th minute.

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