Experience 177 – Erin Li Returns, The Winged Creature & Sleep Paralysis

<![CDATA[Erin Li returns to the mindcast to talk about one of the creepiest experiences I have heard up until now. You don't want to miss this chat and then we delve into sleep paralysis and a bit about what it could mean if this is a simulation. Check out her band www.cousinliar.com

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2 Replies to “Experience 177 – Erin Li Returns, The Winged Creature & Sleep Paralysis”

  1. Probably just talking to the wall here, but maybe you should interview Rodney Ascher the director and editor, known for Room 237 (2012), The Nightmare (2015) and The S from Hell (2010)?
    The Nightmare is an excellent film about real people suffering from sleep paralysis and seeing such figures as the Thin Man, aliens etc and it should be on Netflix.
    Rodney admits to suffering from sleep paralysis himself, which is why he made the movie.
    Rodney is a cool dude and I’m sure he would be up with to a talk with you Ryan.
    All of Rodney’s films are worth a watch in my opinion.

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