Experience 43 – Nate Craig, deja vu

<![CDATA[Comedian Nate Craig invites me over to his Venice beach garage to discuss the wondrous and mysterious world of deja vu. What, when, and how? We dive in…

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  1. I have a question …is there such a thing as dejavu of a dejavu that last at least 1 min and ….it happens once a week some and always it’s me realizing the dejavu moment
    for the second time what is it

    1. Nicole – wowsers! I have not heard of this and it sounds fascinating. I have no idea what that would be called and I’m going to try and research it if possible.

      1. Th a deja vuanks it’s kinda hard to explain the only thing I could say it is is a deja vu of a deja vu …and being that I experience deja vus so often it is not every time that Ithat it happens with the double it’s more like every othertime that it happens like thatI’m very very intuitive ever since I was younger andvery aware of what goes on in my day or my head or experiences analytically a guess or over analyze or thought about so when It does happen it is usually pretty recent of a memory of an experience that happened already if that makes any senseit’s not a question of when it was like I can usually pinpoint what it was a week or two but I know that it still the experience of deja vuI’d be willing to talk to you more in Detail if you wanted me to call I thought we could maybe talk over the phone cause I’m curious what you could find out

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