Experience 76 – Origins Inteview, life as a morpher

<![CDATA[The interview I never thought would happen, with the woman I had my first paranormal experience with is now here. I honestly thought that I would never have the opportunity to talk to her on the microphones, but she agreed and we talked and talked and talked. Listen in to hear insight on what life is like when you have an ability that is beyond your control and the impact it has on everything you ever do once you realize it. I have no words for how gracious and awesome she is for letting me post this.

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2 Replies to “Experience 76 – Origins Inteview, life as a morpher”

  1. What a beautiful, courageous, person. This mind cast hit every diverse yet strangely connected issue right through the heart. Such an utter privilege. Thank you!!! ACP

  2. this was a wonderful interview – but, you were soo so vague about what actually happened. i understand you wanted to keep her identity quiet, but you never described what exactly happened when she morphed. saying “…she changed into a different person…” doesn’t mean anything. changed how? i kept hoping you would at least try to give some sort of description – her nose was longer, her eyes were a different color, her skin tone changed.. something. i’ve seen peoples faces change when the mushrooms were in force – but even then, what i saw was like an overlay over their normal face.

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