Experience 87 – A-LIVE interview w/ Karen Rontowski & Katie Manzella

<![CDATA[A-Live interview with Karen Rontowski and Katie Manzella at Echoes Under Sunset. This was recorded in front of a very intimate live audience at a wonderful venue. I talk faeries, pet telepathy, and Karen surprises me with a cool Mothman gift. Katie gives me a quick overview of the crystals that I've been carrying around in my pocket after I describe all the paranormal and mystical hardware I am now have on me to protect me from bad spirits, Djinn, the darkness, etc. We had a really great time doing this live show and the 1st Wednesday of every month I will be welcoming at least 1 guest to join me on stage – if you're in LA-area the show is FREE to attend. Pleas help spread the word by writing a review on iTunes!

818-839-0593 Mindline]]>

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