Experience Seven with Mike Wiebe, John Tole, Joe Hafkey & Tim Messenger, precog dreams and memory

<![CDATA[During a visit to Austin, Texas, I had the great late morning opportunity to hang with some of my favorite people in stand up comedy and discuss precognition in dreams, lucid dreaming, and memory. This was my first attempt at a big group interview and I had to go rogue and just put the equipment on a table and let the universe decide if it works. I think it does. We had a couple very curious dogs joining us for the talk and I hope that you don't mind them wanting to be in on the action from time to time. I love the curiosity of animals and of children, I hope to learn from them.
We dig deep into whether or not the dream world is an alternate reality or just a place that exists in simple sleep. We tunnel far down and have a great time talking.

Special thanks to Joe Hafkey for letting me crash at his apartment with his lovely girlfriend, Mike Wiebe for making the journey over to the apartment after a long night, John Tole for bringing some real direction to the talk, and Tim Messenger for turning me onto memory palaces. Hope you enjoy the discussion.

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