<![CDATA[Since the Experiences post on the main page, I've decided not to double-upload them to the site. They are available here though, so just take a scroll around and see what you like.
AVAILABLE 1/31/2014:
Origins – A short buffer and backstory that will allow any listener to jump right into to any Experience of the Mindcast.  It will explain why I believe it is more fun to believe and what led me to this way of thinking.

Experience One – Sabrina Cognata, an empath

Experience Two – Erika Russ, precognition dreams

You can read her beautiful writings, some of which are dreamworld inspired here http://victoriaolivia.wordpress.com/
Experience Three – Rhiannon Houch, an empath & reader

Experience Four – Austin Boys, precog dreams & memory
Experience Five – Erica Russell, clair-audio & empath
Experience Six – Lauren Brenner & Katie Manzella, Indigo Children
Experience Seven – Sunah Bilsted, ayahuasca & vision quests
Experience Eight – Tiffany Van Goey, tarot card reading & clairsentience

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