False Awakenings – 3rd Ear Bonus 20

<![CDATA[Can we experience sleep paralysis within a dreams' dream? My friend and past guest of the mindcast, Erika Russ, told me that she just experienced this phenomena today and it made me do some research about more things in this field. Do our dream bodies or can our dream bodies operate under the same physical laws of our waking life? The results are surprising.

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  1. Hey Ryan. I wanted to share a couple brief examples of my experiences with lucid dreaming and one particularly memorable one which i believe to be related to false awakenings.. and maybe even sleep paralysis within a false awaking. .. I’ll just share that one.. I often have nightmares where I wake up yelling and screaming. My wife has to wake me up to stop my horrible noises, sometimes risking injury as I tend to thrash around and even jump out of bed when I have vivid dreams. Anyway, on this occasion I had just woken up screaming in the dark from a nightmare and I felt my wife shaking me awake. I calmed myself down and reached to turn on the light. something about the rooms orientation threw off my balance and I fell off the bed as the light switch flicked on. I turned to see if my wife were laughing at me and as I looked up my own face sat up from the other side of my wife, staring intensely at me with incredibly vivid features, which quickly transformed nightmarishly into something i no longer recognized as my own face. I then awoke again into this reality, shaken up but not panicing as i had been in the false awakening. … I mention this because, although i was not fully paralysed, my dream-body experienced an awakening that my own body did not.

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