Flick My Clip 5!!! Submit or Dive!!!

Can you believe our little comedy shorts festival is going to the big screen?  Well, we are!  I am pleased to announce we are joining forces with the FilmDayton Festival this year, August 24th at the Neon Theater in downtown Dayton.  We are going to be on the big screen and it will be the best incarnation yet.  I am really thrilled that we have teamed up with them and this is getting bigger than I ever really imagined and that is great stuff.  We will screen on Friday night and I’ll have more details as we get closer.
Do you want to have one of your shorts showcased?  Here’s the submission details:
Funny.  Any video that is funny.  Under 5 minutes.  Under 5 minutes and funny.  All submissions must be received by August 6th, 2012.  FREE.  I must have the physical copy or digital copy of your short by 8/6 and NO LATER in the following formats:  .mov or .mp4.  The process of screening and compiling these shorts is time consuming, so I need at least 2 1/2 weeks to be in front of it all.  RECAP:  Under 5 minutes, FUNNY, in my hands by 8/6/12.  The higher quality the better, but remember that if something is funny, that trumps all else.  ALL else.
Those are the only rules.  The time limit is so we can showcase as many videos by as many filmmakers as we can in the 90 minute time frame.  90 minutes is the best length of time for a comedy and much consideration goes into building this 90 minute collective of shorts to build and provide a unique and hilarious viewing experience.
I will accept yousendit.com, dropbox, and other file transfer services at the email:  ryanjsinger@hotmail.com
Or you can mail submissions on Data DVD to:
Ryan Singer
1133 Justin Ave.
Apt. 115
Glendale, CA 91201
Flick My Clip started as an attempt to unite the creative forces and minds of stand up comedians and filmmakers in the Southern Ohio area.  It seemed like a natural fit and has proven to be just that so far.  The number of creative forces and minds in this area is immense and this comedy shorts festival is a great way for these forces to unite and collide.  The local talent is the focus and the outside contributors are a unique way to get introduced to the creative minds working hard outside the local frame of comedic reference.
Just for more clarification about the types of videos we will consider:  anything that you have filmed and edited that you think is funny can be submitted.  Including the pilots of web series, individual episodes of web series that are stand alone funny, music videos, spoofs, sketches, anything.  I am not going to be actively looking for copyright violations, so please try your best to submit only original works.  But, we are not that corporate or mainstream and I can appreciate the guerilla style filmmaker.  Just make people laugh.
Facebook event page if you like to follow along there ==> http://www.facebook.com/events/359307320800768/
I am genuinely excited and looking forward to watching each and every submission for this year’s festival.  So, on behalf of myself and the fine folks at FilmDayton, thanks in advance for sharing your creativity, hard work, and willingness to be a participant.  –  Ryan Singer

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  1. Had a great time tonight at Flick My Clip and I continue to be impressed by the talent and imaginative power that lies out there in cyberspace…

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