Giants – 3rd Ear Bonus 99

<![CDATA[Giants are mentioned in the mythology and folklore of every culture or at the very least alluded to in them and yet, we assume that they are fictional. Many people claim and there are the newspaper clippings to prove it that giant skeletons of an ancient humanoids have been unearthed but for some reason are not talked about or made to be known to the public. There are a couple reasons this could be true: the truth is considered to be classified, the truth isn't know about their existence, or these are just cases of misinformation and overreaction to other skeletons found. Let's dig into these fossils…
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3 Replies to “Giants – 3rd Ear Bonus 99”

  1. You’re a sensible guy — don’t waste time on Sitchin. There are very few people competent to translate cuneiform, and as an amateur with an agenda, he wasn’t one of them. His interpretations of Mesopotamian texts are generally nonsensical.

    1. thank you for saying that I’m sensible! I understand what you are saying here, but feel like I’d be doing a disservice to the “world” of which I’m participating if I didn’t familiarize myself with at least some of his work. Otherwise, I’d be out in the dark so to speak when he is referenced. But, I could only imagine how advanced one must be to decipher what appears to me to be alien script 🙂

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