Golden Shingle Acceptance Speech Video

Here is another acceptance speech video I have made for an award I was nominated for at the 2010 Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado.  This award is the “Golden Shingle” and goes to “a rising star in stand up comedy.”  If you can believe it, although it goes against the pattern already established, I won this award.  I fancied myself the Martin Scorcese of comedy awards and he eventually won, so I guess it is fitting even though I was only ever nominated for a couple of them and he was nominated for many, many awards over years and years of brilliant work.  So, the comparison kind of breaks down immediately in that way.  Thanks to Geoff Tate and his wife, Lauren for helping make the video.
Also, thanks to Rooftopcomedy for a fantastic weekend! What a blast it was hanging in Aspen and meeting a lot of new friends and seeing some old ones. Maybe I will details some of the crazy stuff that happened in a future blog? hmmm….

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