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<![CDATA[If you rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes, we are happy to send you a downloadable link to the complete unabridged DMT Couch Sessions w/Shane Mauss. This is so you can listen to one of the most popular sequence of interviews with no interruption. If you don't know already, my buddy Shane walked me through my first experience smoking DMT, which is the world's most powerful hallucinogenic drug. This is NOT a party drug, it is in fact quite the opposite.
DMT has helped me come to a couple very powerful realizations in my life that have sent me on a path for what I think is a better life. I do not condone or condemn drug use in any form, but especially not the use of DMT. We are all adults, so choose your own path and live your life to the fullest.
Please go here to rate, review, and subscribe as it really helps raise the profile of the program and helps strangers find it. Once you have done so, just email us and let us know and we'll send you the download link.
Ryan & Alex]]>

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