Live Forever Tonight Tour T-shirts!!!

<![CDATA[Designed by the beyond description awesome Jenny Fine and produced through the ridiculously awesome, the tour shirts are on the way to being delivered very soon! Would you like to own one of them? I would love to make that happen. I am going to try to keep a surplus of the shirts available for purchase via this website.
I have American Apparel female style shirts and Gildan unisex shirts avail:
Women’s American Apparel – $30 per shirt – S, M, L, XL
Gildan Unisex – $25 per shirt – S, M, L, XL, XXL
You can PayPal me at
I will need to know:
1. how many shirts and if you want the unisex or women’s style
2. what size of shirt
3. your shipping address
Technical note: the color of the shirts pictured here are pretty dead on to the actual shirts except me and the car are more grey on actual shirt
Women's Live Forever Tonight2014-07-31 12.15.50
I’m really impressed with ooshirts and their customer service, so I’m going to link them to their logo below as I know many friends of mine have t-shirt needs! FREE shipping…are you serious?

logo ooshirts


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