Maron's WTF w/Me and Dinosaurs!

As many of you may already know and some of you do not know, I went on a day trip to the Creation Musuem in St. Petersburg, KY, with Marc Maron, Geoff Tate and my special lady friend.  Marc has a wildly successful and quite awesome podcast, “WTF” and I have been lucky enough to be on a couple episodes.  One of the latest episodes is an account of our experience traveling to and inside of this museum.  Museum is a strong word, keep in mind.  Here’s the link for you and you can also click on the photo up top to go directly to his site:
Marc kept his recorder going the whole 2+ hours we were inside and captured some great footage.  One thing is certain, I had no idea what I was really going to see.  I had my ideas and suspicions, but the real thing is sooooo awesome.  Whoever sang that shit, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!” was damn right.
Not only will you learn something about what a certain sect of Christians believe to be true, but you will also have a small, tiny insight into the physical relationship I have with the woman who has me wrapped around her little finger.  I hope you enjoy it!
I also hope to have some very exciting news to update everyone about very soon!  My stand up comedy schedule is pretty sparse after the end of this month because I am a horrible businessman.  I am working on fixing that as quickly as possible.  Hopefully, I can be performing in a city near to you sometime very soon (Tampa, Florida over Thanksgiving weekend – headlining Sidesplitters Comedy Club).
If you live in Florida, you should come out and see me so the club does not think it was a huge mistake to bring my mainstream’ish weirdness inside their friendly confines.  Word.  Let’s have some fun, no?  If you are wondering why certain videos and things are missing or are gone, let us just say that sometimes life has to be tweaked for reasons beyond our control and maybe, just maybe there is a cooler reason we are as yet unaware of that will potentially make us smile.]]>

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