Patreon site now is ALIVE!

<![CDATA[Do you love the mindcast? Do you also love how there are ZERO commercials and there have been ZERO commercials for 3 years now? I do, too. That is why I have made a totally 100% voluntary financial contribution site available to those who wish to contribute money because the mindcast brings them great joy every week (twice a week). There's going to be patron-only content available to those who decide to become patrons! Oh, that's very exciting.
Just follow that link above and you can choose to be a monthly contributor to help me cover the costs of running business and eventually keep improving this thing to higher and higher levels. I like the sound of that. No pressure, though. Seriously, I could record this thing out of my car if I really needed to do so. I would. I would do that for you. Yes, you. Because I love you.
If you cannot contribute money, I understand. Just do me a favor and write a review on iTunes after rating us! That really helps us out, too!

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