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There are more than a handful of podcast that I have had the pleasure of doing recently and I have not done a great job of updating anyone who may come to my website for information about them.  My apologies if you enjoy having my ramblings fill your ear cavities.  I will do so now!
The Stand Up Chronicles – recorded in between shows in Peoria, Illinois, Friday night at The Jukebox Comedy Club (5/17/2013)
The Inside Joke Podcast – recorded via Skype with Dirk Walker a couple weeks ago
Comedy, Food, Sports – recorded few weeks ago
Trivial Matters – recorded with my good buddy Jeremy Essig in St. Paul, MN in March
That should fill your ear holes up for more than a few hours if you have a job that lets you listen to things.  Each podcast was different and the more podcasts I do, the more I realize I have a lot of stuff in my life that I never think about from my past, my feelings, and other moments of clarity.  I enjoy doing them.
Will I ever have my own podcast?  Let’s just say that if and when that happens you will probably not be shocked that is about some really weird and crazy stuff that a lot of people choose not to believe.  But, I do.  You know that.  You always have.]]>

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