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The awesome website did a short, but cool review of one of the shows I did over the holidays at Go Bananas Comedy Club.  I appreciate the ink and the fact that they came out and took a chance on catching my show without knowing me in advance and now are spreading my comedy around even though their site did not have any specific comedy reviews and profiles on it before – at least for individual performers.  The photo is pretty cool and I am thinking of right-clicking it and using it for my promo in the future.  Here’s a small snippet if you’re not convinced to click on the above link to the article:
“We caught Ryan Singer’s act at Go Bananas and we can testify (along with a room of a hundred
or so) this guy has the gift of comedy. His “true life” style of stand up makes a mockery out of
most joke teller comedians…”
The artwork in the photo is hanging in the entrance hallway at Go Bananas and was painted by a buddy of mine that I started out in comedy with, Darin Overholser.  His art is really badass and you should check his stuff out at his website,  If you have ever been inside of the club, you know that throughout the whole place, his artwork is hanging up and it is all pop culture brilliance.  One day, when I have money, I am going to buy up all his stuff…for reals.]]>

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