Bootleg Ryan Singer Stand Up Comedy – 3rd Ear Bonus 13

<![CDATA[For the 13th 3rd Ear Bonus I have decided to release a bootleg copy of a 40+ minute stand up comedy set that I performed that was improvised. The set took place at a magical basement theater that no longer exists called The Relapse Theater. The word "Relapse" was painted on the wall with a montage of apes turning into businessmen. It was such a magical place in the wonderful stand up scene in the city of Atlanta, GA. The backstory is too much to get into here, but maybe another time. Just know that I recorded this on my iPhone 4, I think, so the audio quality is definitely "bootleg" and not polished album. It is a peek into one magical night of my life on the road in the year 2012. Please enjoy. ADULT LANGUAGE AND TOPICS
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