Ryan Singer Comedy Blanket

<![CDATA[Even though it is the winter, we are not destined to freeze our fragile skeletons to their marrow-cores with dread and shivering regret.  We could all join together and warm our carbon-based bones with some upcoming shows of comedy and wrap yourself in a Ryan Singer Comedy Blanket.  I have some great shows up-coming in some colder parts of this land and hope you can attend some of them.
In a couple weeks I will be in Greenville, South Carolina for one night (2/9) at The Coffee Underground and it should be awesome.  Luckily, in the world of stand up comedy there are many talented, ambitious, up and coming comedians putting on shows in cities all over the place in alternative venues like this that attract audiences and comedians alike that are into comedy for all the right reasons.  I feel lucky and grateful to be able to do these shows.
After that night of splendor, I’m off to Wilmington, North Carolina to perform at what can only be described the best little whore house in Texas of comedy clubs – Nutt Street.  Do you like your comedy intimate?  Do you like to feel like you’re in on a super-awesome secret?  Do you wish you could have seen some of the great comedians of yester-year in smaller venues before they broke big?  (note: not saying I’m going to be considered a great comedian of yester-year in the future) – then you should come to one of the shows Friday (2/10) or Saturday (2/11).  It is such a great and cozy club that you’ll feel like we’re starting a revolution or Ginsberg’s ghost might perform.  I am thrilled to have a great comedian and dear friend Reid Faylor along for the shows.
Then I will be on my way to Florida to see an old friend for a few days before featuring at the Orlando Improv from 2/16 – 2/19.  It will be my first time at the club and I am looking forward to it in a very adult way.  If you live close by you should accompany me on journeys to the center of our minds and our hearts.
I will be leaving the sunshine state and headed to the great, frozen north – Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I am excited to get back there and see some friends I have not seen in awhile and tell some jokes in one of the best joke cities out there.  I’ll be headlining the awesome Joke Joint Comedy Club Thursday through Sunday (2/23 – 2/25).
I am not sure what happens after that, I either fly home to LA or make some adventure elsewhere before I head to Columbus, Ohio for a week in early March.
What have I been doing the last two months?  Comedy Wonder Town.  That is the name of the new album I will be recording sometime in the next few months, but it is also the name of a project I wrote and filmed for a Comedy Central competition in association with the New York Television Festival.  It is just shy of 15 minutes long and I had some really talented people volunteer their talents to make it great.  I cannot show it as of now, but once the competition unfolds a bit more, I may have an opportunity to post a super-secret link if you’re interested in checking it out.
So, the next few months I am going to be on the road a lot working on the new album and trying my damnedest to create a low-fi web series that people will actually watch.  And if you thought Carl Treadway VII was gone forever, you’re wrong!  I’ve got big plans for that bastard.  Big plans.
Check out my youtube page and add me/subscribe/like my videos, etc.  Also, if you own my first album it would be cool if you went to iTunes and rated/commented about how you like it.  That could help get more attention to it so other people may find it.  I’ll keep you posted of any other cool stuff as it occurs.]]>

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