The Djinn (Continued) – 3rd Ear Bonus 28

<![CDATA[My fascination with Djinn has not waned since doing my first 3rd Ear Bonus about them and then reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley's wonderful and comprehensive book The Djinn Connection. For personal reasons, the djinn have been on my mind quite a bit since my interview with the ex-girlfriend who could morph and for reasons of wanting to be a better and more knowledgable host of the mindcast they have also been on my mind. After reading her book, watching videos online, and asking myself some interesting if not tough questions, I have come to some crossroads in the way I believe things. The premise of this whole thing is "it's more fun to believe" after all and what kind of host would I be if I didn't do my damnedest to remain open-minded to any and all things? So, with that, I give you some more information about the legendary and possibly very real djinn.
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