Triumphant Return of "The Ryan Singer Show"

<![CDATA[Critics and fans alike have been clamoring and demanding the return of the acclaimed, world's first and only digital, hand-held recorder talk show, "The Ryan Singer Show." Well, their cries of desperation have not gone unanswered by the producers of "The Ryan Singer Show." Starting sometime next month, "The Ryan Singer Show," will once again begin production of its award winning series. For those not in the know, "The Ryan Singer Show," won Best Hand-held Digital Talk Show at The Ryan Singer Show Awards five years in a row. Also, its host, Ryan Singer won Best Host of the Ryan Singer Show Award 4 out of 5 years the award was given.
Past guest include: Mike MacRae, Dan Gabriel, Dr. Gonzo, Dave Waite, Nikki Glaser and many other of the rising and past stars of the stand up comedy world.
When reached for comment, Ryan Singer said, "The only way I can equate it is like this, imagine if you could resurrect all the dead Beatles and have them put out some more albums and have Jimi Hendrix join them. That is how it is and how it feels. We're all ready to get back to being the best."

The Ryan Singer Show – Nikki Glaser and Joe Lehnig

The Ryan Singer Show – The Kachelmeyer’s Interview
The Ryan Singer Show – Encounter with a Meathead – I am the guy getting ready to get beat up

These are just some samples of the past greatness of the show. I will be posting more at a later date. Tell your friends and have them tell their friends so the world will know that they’re favorite show is coming back!]]>

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