2014, News & Flick My Clip 7!

<![CDATA[I just wanted to keep my finger on the pulse of this website a little bit more and update some things that are happening, have happened, and I hope to have happen.
LA Weekly and Julie Seabaugh have selected me as one of 10 Comics to Watch in LA for 2014 and that is pretty cool.  I am not sure what it means, but industry types love these kinds of things and that could help provide me with additional opportunities I have yet to get.  Here's that article ==> Top 10
My “Mindcast” will be launching very soon!  Me & Paranormal You is an interview style audio project that will feature me talking to my friends and other people with paranormal abilities, experiences, or expertise.  I have encountered a bit of a stall period with a producing partner that would do most of the editing and technical heavy lifting though that has delayed its release.  I was hoping to have it launch this week.  I of course will keep the internet posted when it does launch.
My schedule has been updated with my 2014 tour dates and I hope many, many more will be coming in very soon.  At least my roommates certainly do in regards to my rent being paid.  I am excited about this year in the same way that I try to remain excited about the future and present all the time.  Thanks for coming along with me on this weird and unpredictable ride for the last 13 years.  All of this is much more fun because people enjoy and engage in my work.
I cannot tell you all how much that means to me because that is why I do this.  No list or notoriety changes the value I put on the work I do and the desire to help bring laughs to people like you.  That will always remain regardless of all those things.
FLICK MY CLIP 7:  Let’s do this again! Last year was the best yet and the most fun ever! We had some talks with people about doing some other things with the festival for this coming year and ultimately, nothing has transpired.  BUT, what does remain is that we’re going to do it again.  I am not quite sure where we are doing it yet, but we are doing it.  Last year we had the pleasure of doing it at the FilmDayton Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and the Cincinnati Film Festival.
NEW RULE:  I am no longer accepting copyrighted music in your shorts.  After much debate, discussion, and thought I have decided that it is the next step in moving forward with the passion project to challenge those who want to submit to step up their game and come up with some original music or to use music that is public domain.  I enjoy seeing what you maniacs will do with this new stipulation.
1.  Under 5 minutes
2.  Its funny
3.  It is your work – NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC
4.  You submit by the deadline (TBD but probably early July)
5.  Not previously submitted
6.  FREE FREE FREE! No submission fee
Dropbox, Yousendit, Google Drive Upload, or mail .MOV/MP4 file to me at these addresses:
ryanjsinger@hotmail.com – Dropbox & Yousendit
ryansingercomedy@gmail.com – Google Drive
1133 Justin Ave.
Apt. 115
Glendale, CA 91201
Have fun making some weird, wild, funny, ridiculous, crazy, unconventional, from the heart comedy videos and I hope to be able to showcase them in this year’s screening.  I love doing this, so please keep them coming as there are fewer joys greater than discovering someone else’s beautiful comedic mind put into practice and manifested in something we can all share.]]>

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