Demon in the Internet's Closet – the Transcript of My Attempted Extortion

<![CDATA[Here in all its raw, embarrassing, shameful, and unedited glory is what happened to me in the dark, early morning hours of Wednesday, December 18th, 2013.
PLEASE DO NOT read if you have zero desire to know the perverted side of what my life has become and quite honestly probably has been for the last year or so.  The road changes a man.  But, that man has to be open to change, I suppose.  Those of you who know me know that this is behavior that I used to engage a long time ago, when webcams first became accessible – circa 2000.  So, to say that it is just the last year would not be totally honest of me.  Needless to say, as a man who has a masters degree in this kind of thing, I knew this was trouble.  I take 100% responsibility for allowing myself to be lured into a clear trap.  All the red flags where there and I knew them but chose to proceed.
When  a woman on facebook has zero mutual friends, is from the Phillipines, and has only webcam type photos – RUN!
When a woman has different ages on multiple online social media or communication programs – RUN!
When a woman says her "microphone doesn't work" but you hear noise for a few seconds before it being muted – RUN!
These are just some of the things that made me aware of what I was doing was dangerous.  I chose to proceed because for lack of a better term, I was cocky.
Some context:  I was in bed about to go to sleep when I was randomly chatted by a woman on facebook.  She asked me to chat on Skype because she didn't like facebook's video chat.  I thought, "why not?"  This is where we pick up the chat.  At approximately 3:50 am in this chat is when I decided to push "post" on the facebook status update announcing I was being extorted as I had accepted my fate that a jerkoff video of me would be posted on the internet.  She/they/he had recorded my video feed during our Skype session.  I figured if I could get out in front of it I could at least, hopefully prevent a lot of family from having to see it.
At 4:41 am they turned their microphone on.  Two men started yelling dollar amounts at me and I could not completely understand what they were saying.  It was probably something like "$300!"  I started laughing a little bit and just repeating, "$50?"  They did not really understand me, either, so I text chatted them those things at that time.
The threats ended up being a bluff, as of this post at 6:05 pm on Saturday – 12/21/2013.  I will always have a small part of my brain wondering, slightly fearful that at any moment, possibly when I am more famous and actually have money, that this video will indeed surface again.
During this ordeal, after posting on facebook and twitter, a few different people were chatting with me and emailing me advice and it really helped me navigate through it all.  Also, the biggest help of all was probably how hilarious all the comments were on the facebook thread. To be able to laugh through accepting that I might become the thing I feared most, a person with Kardashian-type notoriety was more therapeutic than anyone will know.  Thanks to all you sick, twisted, and truly hilarious friends for that.
Also, I have told the story on Josh Sneed's Podcat "The Detention Show" and it is available here => Audio Version
(thanks to Shawn Green for photoshopping the screenshots of our chat together for me so I could upload it in its entirety)

extortion-transcript-larger FULLSCREEN


3 Replies to “Demon in the Internet's Closet – the Transcript of My Attempted Extortion”

  1. Hard to believe some would troll in such a desperate/unhealthy way, and I’m sure it was a little unsettling, but if you don’t get 10 minutes of material from this, Ryan, I will never forgive you.!
    “Your cock is comedy! HaHa!”
    No judgments here, obviously. Thanks for sharing the transcript . . . priceless!

  2. This is beautiful. You may actually be the first person who becomes (more) famous by a sex tape without anyone having wached it!
    It was incredibly brave and wonderfully brilliant to post this and I’m glad that you decided to make this work for you instead of against you. You’re awesome, guy.

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