Biz Guy – Episode #3

The third time is the charm they say.  I am not quite sure what they are saying that about and how it in any way relates to me posting the third video in the “Biz Guy” series that I did earlier this year, but I used it anyway.  I am sitting in a hotel in Lexington, KY, as I post this latest video and just want to say for the record that I love this town.  It is beautiful here.
The club is called Comedy Off Broadway and they put you in a proper hotel and the staff is awesome.  These are the weeks that make me realize that I indeed have the best job/career/life I could have possibly asked to get.  So, thanks for that.
That is not say that making these videos was not equally fun.  Because I had an absolute blast making them and I think you can tell that we had fun in the finished product.  You can, right?  No?  Look harder damn it.  There you go.  Now you see.  Good.
Here’s the third one and it can get a little dicey:
Episode #3 – “Shaving”

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