Biz Guy – Episode #4

Here is yet another wonderful masterpiece of internet commercial acting that I have done in the “Clean This” series for Biz Stain Fighter.  I have been posting them in order of funny to most funny, at least in my opinion.  So, that would mean that this one is the most funny of them yet and it would leave the ultimate funniest one to be posted at the end of the week.
I am not quite sure if I will be doing more of these, but I certainly would love to do some more.  They had hoped these videos would go “viral” and become a sensation.  Looking at the views, they have not done that.  That is why it is important for you to tell your friends to watch them and they will tell their friends and so on and so on.  At the end of the day, it is all a ploy by me to try and sustain this lifestyle of making ridiculous videos and telling silly jokes as a living.  I do it all for you.  I do.  No bullshit.
Episode #4 – Ketchup

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