UPDATED! Buy My New CD From Me!!! (incentives)

Dear Friends,
I would like to encourage people to buy my new album from me if you are interested in having it.  Why?  For a couple reasons:  I have always liked having a physical copy of something that I could hold and look at and the artwork and photographs that me and my friends did for the album are wonderful.  I will sign the album and send it to you myself, that’s a promise.  Also, another reason is that more of the money goes to me that way.  I’m not saying you should not buy the album online, but it turns out that the best way to support me and the album is to buy the album directly from me: the source of the material.
I wish we lived in a world where comedians still sold a bunch of albums and were compensated accordingly, but we really do not.  I am not mad about that, it is just a reality.  I am just saying that if you can wait a few extra days to get the album, you should!
Please request me at Sirius/XM satellite radio and get my comedy out there more!  It would help me more than you probably can know.  Here’s the email to request play of How To Get High Without Drugs and Comedy Wonder Town bluecollar@siriusxm.com or 888-692-5831
You can PayPal me at ryanjsinger@hotmail.com with the subject “Buy Comedy Wonder Town” for $9.99 I will get that email.  Then you send me an email to that same address or ryansingercomedy@gmail.com and give me your address or where you want the album or combo pack sent.  Please use “Purchase Goods” for purchase selection type.  Or you could wait until I am in your town and just buy it from in person, that could be cool, too.
Combo Pack ($30) includes:  1st Album “How To Get High Without Drugs,” 2nd Album “Comedy Wonder Town” and Poster Print of painting used for new album cover that does not include title artwork graphics.  Plus! a sticker from a movie I was a part of called “The Wonderland Express.”  It is a sweet sticker.sen
If you don’t use PayPal, hate it, or just would rather send your money another way, just email me ryansingercomedy@gmail.com and we can figure it out.  You could send me a bag of quarters, for reals.  I want you to have my albums and stuff if you want it and we will make it happen one way or another.
I hope to see many friends and family on my upcoming comedy tours!  There is a lot of really exciting things happening in 2013 and I look forward to being able to share that news with you soon.  Just keep moving forward and eventually you’ll get further along.  That makes sense, right?
Wiley’s Comedy Club 12/20 – 12/22 for the 1st Annual Singer & Stelling Holiday Extravaganza!  It is going to be so awesome!  We’ll have tshirts to commemorate our first week working together and hope to be doing this weekend for many years to come.  If you don’t know Beth, she is insane funny and born and raised in good old Dayton!  We are excited to be working together and being able to do that while being around family and friends for the holiday season.
I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

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