Long Interview & 2013 Has Started Grandly

I do not do a lot of long form interviews about comedy, life, and inspirations, but Sean Cannon down in Louisville was interested enough to do one.  Here is the link to FPK After Dark – This might be one of the first ones I have actually done that is not an official podcast.  I mean, it is an official podcast, but it airs in two parts as an interview on radio first.  Does that make it more legitimate?  No, but I still long for those radio days somewhere deep inside my performance heart.
I had a great time talking to him and we covered a lot of stuff.  It was moments before the very first show that Jarrod Harris and I did on the Organic Tour.  In other words, it is pre-crazy.  I have had such an amazing start to 2013 that I cannot properly express at this time in any detail whatsoever how magical it has been.  I hope to be able to do so very soon.   Back in Los Angeles now and I’m really excited to do the end of the first leg of tour show at Echoes Under Sunset on this Wednesday – 2/6.
What happens next?  I have no idea.  I just know that life will unfold and continue to surprise me.  I love that it always has and always will do that.  I am excited about some things that are planned for this year and it takes a lot of self-control to not tell them to you right now.  Just know that I hope to have the DVD ready for consumption by mid-October and have an exciting partner attached to it along with some really big plans for it to get to you with no more than a piece of your mind as the cost – more details soon.
Just know that the mountain was seen today after 8 plus weeks on the road and it could not have been better or more beautiful.  The new material I have developed on this tour is really exciting to me and I am feeling pretty great about the direction of my comedy.  I hope that all of you will continue to come along with me on this wonderful ride and enjoy the newer directions we take together.

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  1. I saw you in Tallahassee, you and Jarrod on the Organic tour, blew the damn house down. I hope your everything is going great!

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