Co-headlining Go Bananas Christmas Weekend!

<![CDATA[I know this is coming out late, but my website shit the bed on me and I have been trying to rebuild it slowly but surely.  In case we are not friends on facebook and you have not been harassed by me on there, I am co-headlining at Go Bananas Comedy Club this weekend with my good friend, Dave Waite.  He is hilarious and the show is hosted by the very funny Nickey Winkelman.
We had a blast on Wednesday night and look to have even more fun on Saturday (2 shows: 8 and 1030) and Sunday night.  Our buddy Tom Bolton made this kickass flyer for the show:
If you bring a canned good and make a reservation, you get half price tickets for Saturday night.  It is a food drive, not for me.  If you do that on Sunday night, you get in for FREE!  What is better than helping people and laughing for free?  Nothing.
As a special added incentive for the Sunday night show, if we sell out the show, I will give everyone a free copy of my new cd entitled, “How To Get High Without Drugs.” By sold out, I mean that the number of free seats available will be no more than I can count on my two hands.  It would be an awesome way to end an awesome weekend.  No pressure.  There just may be an extra special surprise on Sunday night’s show as well.  Hint, hint.
If you came to my cd recording show last month, come on out to get your free copy of the cd that I owe you.  Or email me your address so I can send it to you as a late Christmas present.]]>

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