Joke Workshop – "Stranger – Phase #1"

<![CDATA[This is Phase #1 of this joke/story, meaning it is the beginning of me committing to working it into the act. With the exception of some very random times over the years, this story has not been in my regular stand up routine. It in my opinion has always been “too much” for me to handle. Now, over 8 solid years into doing this, I think it is time for the act to truly reflect the events that have made me who I am today. Over the last 8 years, I have developed a very rudimentary skill set of joke telling and am now ready to take on the challenge of making this work. So, here we begin the journey of working the “Stranger” into the act.
this video contains very adult natured things, please do not watch if you are related to me, think you may be attracted to me in a romantic way or just think you may like me as a person.  There, I warned you.  This is the first video in an online/interactive experiment I am going to embark upon called “Joke Workshop.”

During this series I will be showing you video evidence of a joke that does not work so great when first told and we shall see together if there is any hope of this ever making it into my act.  The challenge here is that I will only be showcasing jokes or stories that are very adult and sordid in nature in an attempt to tell true stories of my life and see if the mainstream audiences can ever hear them without becoming very uncomfortable.  Maybe I am overestimating the limits of what normal people want to hear at a club and this will all seem very tame to you.  If that be the case, hooray!  Because I plan on doing more of them in the future.  Enjoy.  But, remember that I warned you in advance.
Please bear in mind that the video is over 9 minutes long and all of it is true.  This new series will be more up the alley of people who enjoy watching a process of things.  If you only like finished product comedy, this won’t be for you.  And before you judge me, just remember that this kind of thing could happen to any of us.
Feel free to leave comments about what parts you didn’t think or did think were funny so I can have a team of joke writers without having to actually pay anyone.]]>

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