Comedy Wonder Town Available NOW! (contest info)

I am incredibly excited to announce that COMEDY WONDER TOWN, my 2nd stand up comedy album is available NOW!  You can buy it from iTunes, Amazon (physical or digital), and even from Me (send me email from Contact page) if you want a signed physical copy.  I’d be happy to do that and we can work out the cost once we figure out where I am shipping it and what you want me to write.  If you want to buy one from me, I will probably throw other random goodies in that you could not get anywhere else, too.  I would do that.

Contest Info:

The first 10 people to rate AND review the album on iTunes and Amazon respectively (that’s 20 total ppl) will get a video song, thank you, dance, or some other weird thing made by me for them.  I have a bunch of wigs and too much coffee in me right now.
Also!  If 100 people rate & review my album by Halloween I will then put all of their names into a hat and the name I draw out will then get to tell me what kind of tattoo to get.  I do not have any tattoos at this time, it will be my first and that much more special.  I get to select location on my body.  Make it happen!
The album was about 3 years or so of hard work and I hope you like the product and the payoff.  I do know that stand up comedy has dominated my life and my mind for many years now and I think I am getting better and better.  I hope you agree.  I am at least evolving into something different.  This 2nd album is a bit more personal and there are more personal things on it from life.  What will the 3rd album be like?  Who knows.  I cannot even wrap my brain around having enough material for a 3rd one at this time.
The last few years of my life have seen a lot of changes and a lot of incredible opportunities come my way.  I have had my biggest heartbreak and the biggest career break of my life.  I think the material that follows on this album reflects these things and the great opportunities both of those things afforded me.  I got to work somewhat regularly over the past couple years with a master of stand up comedy, Marc Maron.  To say my comedy was not influenced by spending so much time with him and watching him execute this craft so expertly would be insane.  I am one of the luckiest bastards I have ever met.
I also had the opportunity to welcome into my life one of the most incredible creatures this planet has ever seen.  She painted the album portrait and I could not be more thrilled about it.  Even if she won’t have my baby, she paints a damned beautiful portrait that captures the album perfectly.  The lessons she taught me in life, love, and comedy have been irreplaceable and contributed to the material on this album as much as any other factor.  She was my muse for this album and I will forever love her for that and for countless other reasons.
I definitely count myself ridiculously lucky considering the state of so many things in this world and I can spend most of my brain power trying to figure out the best way to explain my love of peanut butter for a new joke.  What universe do I live in where that is work?  The universe I dreamed about occupying most of my life is the answer to that question.  Let us all stop worrying about the nonsense and chase our dreams again.  Dreams are not for children – they are for us all.
Most of my dreams reside inside Comedy Wonder Town.  Come join me there, please.  There is room for all of us and plenty of love to go around.
Album Release Party is Wednesday night in Los Angeles (Echo Park) at 9pm at Echoes Under Sunset.  I’m trying to get Steve Martin to come.  It is a dollar and dream.  If he does show up, I’ll present him with the key to Comedy Wonder Town.  He is the honorary Mayor in my mind.  Here’s the facebook invite ==> PARTY!!!]]>

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