Deep S##! w/Baron Vaughn! – Consider it!

I had a really fun and great talk with Baron Vaughn about Consideration.  His podcast is somewhat new to me, but I enjoy it.  If you enjoy people tunneling into one main topic and getting weird, crazy, and really deep into it – you’ll love this podcast – Deep S##! w/Baron Vaughn.  I’m catching up on the episodes and really glad I am.
Me and Baron have recently become friends and I think its going to stick.  He’s a thoughtful dude and really funny. I love when I meet people who are just really great at doing stand up comedy they way they do it.  I’m going to go out on a very safe limb and say that if you enjoy my stand up comedy you will enjoy Baron’s.  He gets weird, crazy, and has characters and voices that delight me.  It is good times.  His album Raised By Cable is really great and is available on iTunes, etc.
We get deep and it is fun.  I hope you like it.  Here’s the link ===>

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