Undead Rental – I'm Part of New Web Series!

I’m excited (I know that I am excited a lot, but for good reasons) about this new web series that I am a part of that is coming out this Halloween season.  They are currently in production and are filming in the beautiful state of Georgia.  Here is a promo video for the series that has a pretty great concept.  What happens after people get a handle on the zombie outbreak?  You rent those bastards out to do stuff for you!

Although I am currently in Los Angeles and have not been able to be on set to film anything yet, the footage I’ve seen and some behind the scenes news has been pretty radical.  I am excited that they asked me to be a part of this cool project and hope that they did not make a grave (you get that, right?) mistake in doing so!  More details will be forthcoming as I know them.  In the meantime, get ready for some funny scary fun!

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