Comic's Comic Award Acceptance Speech

<![CDATA[This is my acceptance speech for the award of "Comic’s Comic” at the 2009 Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado. I was unable to attend the festival even though the higher-ups at begged and pleaded with me to break my prior engagement to be there. But, they were gracious enough and quite frankly who could blame them, to send a video crew to my location so I could accept this prestigious, dare I say the BEST AWARD EVER in the history of comedy live via satellite.
Once again, i would just like to say what an honor it was to be nominated with all of my very best friends in comedy: Robert Hawkins, Eddie Gossling, Chad Daniels, and Andi Smith. I am sure we will all get a kick out of this years from now when we are all drinking bloody mary’s poolside as our kids play together. And don’t worry gang, there’s always next year!

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