Under the Rock

<![CDATA[If you are like me, you like to lift up rocks and see what is hiding underneath of them.  Often times, a whole new world you never would have known existed lies there, begging to be further examined.  Think of the world of stand up comedy as a giant rock, with all the comics you know by name resting atop that rock.  Well, underneath this comedy rock, there are brilliant and unknown joke telling creatures that will blow your mind and take your imagination on a trip only rivaled by a strong cup of mushroom tea.
I know most of you are too busy to stop and turn this rock over by yourself, so I am going to do it for you.  You may already know some of these comedians, but we can just chalk that up to you being an astute comedy fan.  This will be the first of many installments, but trust me when I say that no matter how long it is until the next one, you will have your hands full trying to absorb all you can about the first two creatures I am showing you that live "Under the Rock."  It won't be long before they, too are atop the rock.
Mary Mack –   I dare you to try to wrap your brain around a “technique” or “formula” that Mary uses in her comedy, because you will not be able to do so.  Not one word is contrived or forced, it all just flows.  Just sit back and enjoy some of the best and most original comedy you have heard in awhile.  And I should warn you that you set aside plenty of time in your morning, day or night to watch her “Coffee Blogs” because once you watch the first one, you are in for the long haul.
Tim Northern –   There is not a whole helluva lot of stuff out there written on Tim if you are interested in knowing what goes behind his joke writing madness even though you will want to know more after seeing him, but there are clips a-plenty out there for you to view if you love some of the most intelligent comedy on the planet.  Do not misunderstand me though, when I say intelligent, I do not mean boring and “trying to change your mind” on issues and shit.  If Einstein and the word “silly” had a baby, that baby would be named Tim Northern.]]>

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