CTVII S2 – Episode #1 – Zeus' Lightning Bolt

You waited, you hated the waited, you prayed, and you stayed through the prayed.  Now, you got what you wanted (yes, I am talking directly to you and you know who you are).  You should definitely watch Season 1 if you have not yet as there is DEFINITELY carry over from season to season.  For those that are curious, there will be over 10 episodes in Season 2, so if you wonder why this is unfolding a certain way – just know there are more than 6 episodes this time around.  Enjoy!
Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter – Season 2:  The Monster Inside begins NOW!!!
Episode #1 – Zeus’ Lightning Bolt

Carl Treadway VII comes from a long line of Carl Treadways and a long line of Monster hunters.  Season 2 follows Carl and other crazy characters as he tries to put back the pieces of his shattered life.  The documentary which was the basis of Season 1 has led to the break up of his marriage with his beautiful wife, Janet.  She became the star that Carl envisioned he would become and his jealousy has led to their split.
He now must face the most dangerous monster of all, the one growing inside of him.  During this time of weakness, Carl’s enemies sense it is the best time to strike at him and he must find help from the most unlikeliest of allies to try and win back his beautiful bride.  Along the way deep secrets are revealed and lessons learned.]]>

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