Top 10 Comedy CD of 2010!

It is always cool to get some good press and some good reviews, even if I choose to ignore the ones that say I am no good by dismissing them as ignorant, stupid and beneath me.  BUT, when someone likes me or what I do, they MUST be intelligent, attractive and worldly.  This is just the case over at Punchline Magazine, as they have deemed my comedy album to be one of the Top 10 of the Year 2010.  So, well done, Punchline!  You have proven your attractiveness and intelligence.
If you want to buy the cd from iTunes you can just click there and get it.  Or you can get a physical copy from Amazon or Rooftop Comedy or you can get a physical copy and have it signed by me.  Here’s a holiday gift package I am going to do, I have just decided this right now:
For $20 you can get my debut album, “How To Get High Without Drugs,” Studebaker Pie the entire series dvd, Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter Season 1 dvd and Season 2 of Carl Treadway in short film format on dvd.  This short film will not be available for viewing or purchase, at least that I can tell, any other time in the future.  At least not normally, it will only be during special occasions like this.  So, that is 1 cd, and 3 dvd’s for $20.  Most of that will be for shipping and handling.  I will sign the cd with any personal inscription you desire, even one that is totally inappropriate.  No joke.
Just send me an email from my contact page and let’s get this party started.  I may stop using PayPal very soon.
Ryan Singer Holiday Package ($20) Includes:
1 – How To Get High Without Drugs (full length comedy cd – Autographed)
1 – Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter – Season One dvd
1 – Carl Treadway VII – Monster Hunter – Season Two Short Film dvd
1 – Studebaker Pie – Entire Series dvd
? – Random things I have lying around the house will be included
Thanks to Punchline Magazine for the press and recognition and most of all, thanks to everyone who has bought a cd online or at a show.  I truly appreciate.  If you have purchased one, why not go review it over at iTunes?  That would be cool.  Or review it at Amazon?  That would be cool as well.
My “Dear Santa” letter will be posted very soon as well.  I am happy to report that last year’s letter was exceptionally successful.  Well done, Santa.]]>

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