Episode Five – Me & My Dolls

<![CDATA[Yes!  Episode 5 is finally here!  You’ve been waiting with bated breath and now you can rest easy and eventually exhale.  Some people claim that my web series leave more questions than they do answers.  Well, I am proud to say that if you want answers to this latest series, you may have to wait.  Or will you?  I guess there is only one way to find out and that is to watch.  I am proud to welcome a new musician to the fold in the production of this episode.  I have relocated to Los Angeles and that meant that some pieces of the puzzle have also changed.  Special shout out to Mary Kobayashi Connole from The Ax Raccoons for scoring this episode.  Parris Graves is missed and the zero dollars I paid him to score the first four obviously could never even come close to properly account for grateful I am for his hard work, his talent, and his vision.

Cast & Crew:
Mike Cronin – Mom/Dad
Butch Wesley – Officer Benson
Ryan Singer – Carmine
Shot by Greg Nichols
Score by Mary Kobayashi Connole of The Ax Raccoons
Directed & Edited by Ryan Singer]]>

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