Interweb Podshow! I'm a Guest! Listen!

A lot of exclamation points in this title for no good reason. I do remember recording this podcast and I remember having a ton of fun doing it. These guys are fun to hang out with in general, let alone when the microphones are recording.
Some highlights include me talking trash about someone who wronged me and my firm stance on the War on Pun. I do not normally talk trash about anyone, but his person (who’s name was changed for the broadcast) is a legendary sleeze-bag. If you have any comedy acumen, you will figure it out. But, enough about the negative, there was some fun moments captured I think and I believe you will enjoy it.
Thanks to Brent Terhune, Jeff Oskay, and Matt Holt (who could not be there because he was out having sex with supermodels). You guys made this obscure bastard feel pretty radical. Thanks.
Listen here ====> A lot of Ryan Singer Talking!!!

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