Experience 85 – Shane Mauss Returns, Neuroscience & DMT Don't Like That

<![CDATA[Shane Mauss returns for a fun talk about neuroscience, what makes us tick, how we perceive the world, and when DMT does not like what how you're doing it. Shane has a mind that is filled with so much knowledge as a seeker of truth, information, and knowledge. We may fall on opposite ends of the "belief" spectrum on a lot of things, but we never cease to learn something from each other each time we talk. I love having talks with brilliant minds who enjoy inquiry. Check out Shane's fantastic podcast He We Are at www.herewearepodcast.com

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One Reply to “Experience 85 – Shane Mauss Returns, Neuroscience & DMT Don't Like That”

  1. Perhaps you and Shane might be interested in the work of Anthony Peake who has researched the deja vu phenomenon in great detail and references other scientist who have as well. Very interesting stuff.

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