Tulpamancy – 3rd Ear Bonus 30

<![CDATA[Exploration of the old Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tulpamancy. Can we create, conjure, or manufacture a being from our minds that becomes sentient? If it is possible to create such a a being, a Tulpa, what happens when we must destroy it or when it becomes not what we hoped to create? Tulpas and the alleged creation of them have seen a resurgence due to the vast online communities that share information, old mystical practices, and 24 hour access to sacred texts and other histories. How has this practice evolved and what is being used for in the modern generation of those interested? (hat tip to Mike Collins for suggesting topic)
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  1. Great intro to tulpamancy. If you look up the “Slender man” that is a supposed modern tulpa. Also, David Weatherly has solid info on the subject too. Great podcasts on this site, came across everything today.
    Possible people to look into (if you haven’t already) for interesting topics could be David Paulides, about missing people and Linda Moulton Howe, who covers all types of high strangeness from the environment, science and x files

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