Flick My Clip 2 – Comedy Shorts Festival


I am proud to announce that we are doing a second installment of the “Flick My Clip – Comedy Shorts Festival.” The inaugural screening was a success. And yes, I used the term “inaugural” as I intend for it to become an institution rivaling that of Sundance and the like.  The Second Installment will be held once again at Go Bananas Comedy Club and will be on February 16th, 2010.  We had awesome shorts graciously given to us for screening by so many talented folks, it was a real treat and I am hoping to make it even bigger and better this time around.  I want you to be a part of it!
PSA’S – Reid Faylor, Andrew Short and Ryan Singer
Sunbathers – Beef and Sage
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree – Tim Harmston
The Beard – Beef and Sage
A Pointless Short – GB
Livin’ the Dream Part 1 – Mike Newman
Prop 8 “A True Story” – Joey Ogelsby
Jones Cheap Ass Prepaid and Legal – Ramiro Castro
Jones Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage – Ramiro Castro
Best Party Ever – Future Friend!
The Opener w/Jimmy Dore – Jim Tews
The Opener w/Maria Bamford – Jim Tews
I Blame the Jacket – Jim Tews
The Meeting – Bill Squire
Stepdad – Bill Squire
Dr. Incredulous – Beards of Industry
Roomate – Beards of Industry
G.O. Bananas – Mike Cronin and Ryan Singer
House Sitting – Mike Cronin and Alex Stone
Dave Waite Fever – Dave Waite and Alex Stone
Hipster Song – Alex Stone and Mike Cronin
Suburban Housewife Rap – Sally Brooks
The Angry Bacon Shorts – Vincent Holliday
Christian Camp – Jared Cullum
A Cartoon About Death – Jesse Fernandez
Part of the reason, the main reason why we wanted to start this festival is to get the local comedians with a love of making comedy shorts and local filmmakers who have a love of comedy together in a collaborative relationship. At least, in my mind, it seems beneficial that these two worlds would merge at least for moments of glory in the future. Why not try to get the best out of the resources and talent in our area?
We had some great surprises at the festival and I hope for even more this time around. I am begging at this point for all local and national and worldly short comedy filmmakers to submit to me their videos. If you think it is funny, I want to see it. There is no prize, no esteemed recognition that comes along with acceptance at this point. But, you will get your hard work showcased in front of some great and truly educated fans of comedy. The local comedy fans in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas have proven time and time again that they would and in fact, will support comedy that they find meets their demands.
No matter how rich, how famous, how disconnected I may ever become, one thing is certain: I intend to carry on the tradition of “Flick My Clip” until I am in the grave. Let us hope that that is later than sooner. If you are interested in having your short screened as part of the festival, please email me:
Here are the requirements:
1. funny
2. you made it
3. under 5 minutes long (exceptions will be made on specific cases, please inquire if you have longer piece)
4. submitted by 1/31/10
There is a facebook event page that you can reference if you like for more information, but you will pretty much get the same information I have already given you here. I look forward to discovering more local artists that we can all enjoy and possibly work with in the future. Get off your ass and make something.]]>

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