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I was lucky enough to be on an awesome new podcast called “We Need to Talk,” co-hosted by my buddies Mike Cody and Tom Bolton recently.  I appreciate them having me on as a guest.  I had a blast recording the episode.  I just want to let everyone know that when I am a guest on any kind of show like this, I leave my performer shoes at the door on the way in.  I know a lot of funny people and they are hilarious when they are being interviewed and I enjoy it.  But, what I enjoy the most is when someone I am a fan of is being interviewed and I find something out about them that is real.
That is why I love A&E Biographies so much and read a lot of biographies.  So, naturally I am inclined to steer my interviews in that direction, not that there are people wondering about the “real life” of me necessarily.  But, just thought I would let you know about the overall tone of this podcast.  Not to say that there are not a lot of funny moments during the hour plus recording because I believe there are.  Anyways, I hope you like it and I am including some links that are related down below:
Mike Cody’s Website
Stand Up Cincy Website
If you listen to and enjoy the podcast, I recommend listening to the first 2 episodes as well – funny stuff.  Also, it would be incredibly awesome of you to show some of my buddies some love by going to iTunes and rating and even reviewing it so they can get some positive feedback.  You rule.
I am enjoying this life while it lasts, I hope you are doing the same.  I will have my promo video for my new web series coming up later sometime next week!]]>

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