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This past weekend I was at one of my favorite clubs, the Bloomington, IN, Funny Bone working.  I have worked there a bunch of times now and always love going there because of the owners and local comedians and staff.  This time I was working with Marc Maron, who if you know stand up comedy, you know.  If you don’t know stand up comedy, you probably still know him even if you don’t think you do.  I know you’ve see him.  I’m sure of it.  Point is, it was one of those really awesome comedy weekends and it surpassed even my expectations for it.
Here’s a quick link to Episode #59, which I did a quick interview with Marc about a crazy thing that happened Friday night.
I do not have much time somehow to watch a lot of television or do stuff like that, but I do listen to about 3 different podcasts when given the opportunity on a long drive or a spare hour at home.  Marc Maron is the host of one of those.  It is called “WTF” and it is awesome for any casual or die hard comedy fan.  This episode has an awesome conversation with one of my other favorite comedians, Robert Hawkins.  The guy is an absolute beast on stage and if you haven’t seen him live its only because you have not tried.  He is always touring and will certainly be at a comedy club near you at some point in the near future.
You can follow Maron on all the social networking sites:  Maron on Twitter, Maron of Facebook, WTF on Twitter
I may at some point make a separate page for all the podcasts I have been a guest on, so it is easy to just listen to them all in one place.  Let’s see how I feel after another cup of coffee or two.]]>

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