Open Mic Madness

This is a video clip that I forgot I had until I remember that I had it.  It is just a short 5 minute’ish set from Go Bananas Comedy club on one of the open mic nights.  I drop in there whenever I am not out of town to work on material, usually.  But, sometimes something really weird happens and all my plans go out the window.  This was one of those nights.
The best part of getting “older” in comedy and having a home club where you can take chances or get away with things is that sets like this are possible.  The open mic night on most Wednesdays have been something special for a little over a year now at Go Bananas and you should really check the show out if you’re close and want an always entertaining and brand new experience every week.  Here’s the clip:

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  1. thanks for yuk’n it up at the icehouse from a guy old enough to remember phones attached to the wall…. spinner

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