halfwayokay Show Appearance

<![CDATA[If you enjoy when I partake in the weird, absurd, strange, or otherwise off-kilter comedy stylings in the video or web series world, then I think you will enjoy my spot on the web series, “halfwayokay.”  This web series is done by my buddy Shawn Green and he and I go way back to the days of public access television and various other projects of ridiculousness over the years.  I enjoyed the filming and enjoy the show he puts out.  If I had to describe it, if heaven exists, I would say it is like Mr. Rogers accidentally stumbled into the dressing room of Hunter S. Thompson and ate some brownies without asking around if he could or should.
Thanks to all the cool people I met over the past weekend in Bloomington, Indiana, when I was there doing some shows.  It was one of those comedy magic weekends that make the little kid inside of me that dreamed of doing this when I got older realize that everything has well been worth it along the way.  I am a lucky son of a bitch and I am just making sure that everybody knows that I know that fact.  It is definitely not lost on me.
Here’s the video and I hope you like it…I suspect you will.
halfwayokay – Episode 26

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