The Kooks Live!

The Kooks are back and are alive again!  I mean, we are live again.  Tom Simmons, Billy Wayne Davis and I are bringing our bizarre and crazy comedy who to Cincinnati and Chicago the first week of May. The above is just a short promo video of some of what the show will cover. You can’t make sense of the video above? Good. We are trying to make sense of the crazy world that surrounds us and the mixed messages we receive from all of our supposedly legitimate sources.
Kooks is based on the assumption that once you lose your sense of humor about what you believe in, you no longer have the ability to effectively communicate those ideas. Don’t take yourself so seriously and then maybe, just maybe you can have a positive impact on the world and other people around you.
May 4th – Kooks Live at Go Bananas Comedy Club
May 6th – Kooks Live in Chicago
Bring your tin foil hats and your open minds to this show and you just may leave not knowing anything that you thought you once knew. The goal is to have a few laughs as we travel down the road to enlightenment.]]>

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