I am bigger than the Beatles


I am showing you a few photos that will prove once and for all, finally, that I am bigger than the Beatles. Move on over Oasis, Ryan Singer now sits atop your throne of ultra-awesomeness. You do not believe me? Then look at the following evidence:

Still not convinced?  Or maybe you do not understand what you are looking at?  Here is the part of the photo you should be focusing on:



Do you see why I am right?  Every track on this album is “popular” with the exception of mine.  My comedy is SO damned good there are not enough popularity bars to even visually represent it largeness and ultra-awesomeness.  Now, that is impressive, Oasis.  Needless to say, I will be retiring early and living off of my royalty checks.

My comedy schedule is somewhat updated if you want to check it out here.


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