Under the Rock – #3

<![CDATA[If you are like me, you like to lift up rocks and see what is hiding underneath of them. Often times, a whole new world you never would have known existed lies there, begging to be further examined. Think of the world of stand up comedy as a giant rock, with all the comics you know by name resting atop that rock. Well, underneath this comedy rock, there are brilliant and unknown joke telling creatures that will blow your mind and take your imagination on a trip only rivaled by a strong cup of mushroom tea.
This is the third installment of this series and this time I am going to be very selfish and self-centered.  I am taking this opportunith to possibly introduce you to two of my best friends in the business.  There styles are different, but their funny is extremely high.
Geoff Tate –  Geoff is the type of guy who will sneak up on you with his funny, brash and unapologetic style of storytelling and joke making.  If you want to know what the life of that crazy son of a bitch was like that you probably knew when you were younger who was into drugs and seemed to have a death wish, sit back and listen to Geoff.  Well, its all come full circle for him now as he balances his crazy ass past with his seemingly adult and mature present with a wife and dog.  One thing growing up hasn’t done is take the edge off his ability to make you laugh.  Simply said, he’s a beast on stage with a seemingly endless vault of material.
Dave Waite –  If there was a clear way to describe this whack job of a guy, I would do it.  But, there is not.  You have to see Dave to know what I am talking about.  He is the perfect example of a headshot and bio not giving you any real idea of the funny you will witness.  If there was ever a reason to go to a comedy club and see a live show, Dave would be it.  Some of the best experiences I have ever had in a comedy club is watching an audience not get Dave.  It only makes him amp his energy up even more.  I really try hard not to judge people, but I will judge whether or not someone has any clue about comedy by whether or not they think Dave is funny.  If they do not, I will not even talk to that person.]]>

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