I Say Way Too Much! Guest on Laughing With You Podcast!

Here is the link ==> CLICK ME! to an episode of the Laughin With You Podcast with Emily Volman and Gerard that I did recently.  I am certain that I have said too much, but in the end that matters zero, let alone little.  I had fun talking to them about a very real thing that has been happening in my life recently and I do believe they have helped me gleam a little insight and guidance on how to further live my life.
At the end of the day, I have no regrets and I was thrilled to get to talk to them as they have had some really awesome guests on the show, including the episode I am on (I am not the only one on this episode, guys).  Just in case you read that as me claiming I was awesome.
So, if you like people being totally open and honest about a problem they are facing in their life, listen to this podcast as it is comedic and the most unique podcasting experience I have ever had.  Thanks for having me on!  Hope you enjoy it.
Also, I am in Los Angeles for the next few months as of right now and I’ll be trying to get up on stage everywhere and anywhere in that time.  So, check the LA Schedule and I should have it updated momentarily.  Also, all kinds of web series galore coming your way from me!  New episodes of DREAMS every Monday morning.

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