NEW Web Series! "Ryan Singer's Dreams"

<![CDATA[This is my by far my most fervent attempt at trying to win over the huddled masses with something that is relatable.  People have been saying that my videos are “weird!” or “so weird!” or “just so weird!” for a while now, so I finally started listening.
Ryan Singer’s Dreams will be an exploration into the subconscious to find the fundamental things that bind us all together as human beings.  Be are being human because we are human beings.  This is where it all begins, thus this web series will be chronicled starting with “Episode Alpha.”
These will be peeks into the most vulnerable parts of my mind and I hope you enjoy them.  If you have any weird or so weird or just so very weird dreams you want to email me about, please do so and maybe I’ll incorporate them into something wonderful!

Episode Alpha

Special thanks to Peter Tullio and Robert Heckman for their critical support in filming this episode. It is my hope that my musical abilities will improve over the course of this series as well. ]]>

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